Eco-Kare International is a federally incorporated company established in Ontario, Canada in 2009 in response to an increasing demand for green infrastructure.

Eco-Kare specializes in translating road ecology science into practical road mitigation solutions.

Road ecology is the science of understanding the interactions between roads and the environment, more specifically wildlife, air, vegetation, soil, and water. This science has evolved over the past few decades with increasing awareness of the negative impacts roads may have on the environment.

The most obvious impact of roads on the environment

  • Increasing number of roadkill, resulting in injuries and fatalities sustained by both motorists and wildlife

Eco-Kare specializes in

  • Effective transportation-mitigation planning, i.e. integrating wildlife-vehicle collision, corridor and habitat assessments in road mitigation prioritization (contact us for a planning flowchart adapted to your region)
  • Cost-effective mitigation design, i.e. integrating an appropriate mitigation scenario that meet road upgrade plans, environmental and safety objectives, and budgets for road projects
  • Monitoring design, i.e. integrating cutting-edge, adaptive methods that improve mitigation effectiveness

Eco-Kare is connected through

  • Peer-review science
  • Qualified experience on major transportation projects in North America
  • International conferences
  • Database of international road ecology contacts
  • In-office geospatial and road ecology library

Eco-Kare International carries Errors and Omissions Insurance at $2m and Commercial Liability Insurance at $5m.