Eco-Kare is connected through

  • Twenty-three years of qualified experience;
  • Peer-reviewed science, attendance and presentation at International conferences;
  • Database of international road ecology contacts;
  • In-office referenced road ecology library (56 book; 694 journal articles, 505 reports, and 34 theses);
  • In office geospatial library (specifically data acquisitions for Ontario, Alberta, and selected US states);
  • In office photo library (‘tagged’ by author, keywords, and relevant project).

Kari Gunson: Principal, Road Ecologist | Lauren Nightingale: Field Technician

Kari E. Gunson, M.Sc.

Principal, Road Ecologist

Eco-Kare principal Kari Gunson is a passionate and dynamic individual who enjoys bridging the gap between planners, engineers, and ecologists to advance new frontiers in road ecology

Expertise Summary

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Eco-Kare’s principal, Kari Gunson, has worked for the past 18 years as a contract road ecologist on road mitigation projects throughout North America. Through her various projects she has provided expertise for design, placement, and monitoring of mitigation measures for a variety of large and small animal species including black bears, moose, deer, snakes, and turtles. Her work entails collecting and analysing field data, and writing up findings for road mitigation planning. Monitoring techniques include using visual surveys, motion activated digital cameras, pit-fall traps, dip-netting, and coverboards adjacent and on roads to evaluate impacts of roads on animals and other ecological processes. Kari is also a professional geospatial scientist with experience with managing, plotting, and analysing ecological monitoring data in a Geographic Information System.

A unique blend of international, biological and technical expertise from studying in three countries

  • B.Sc. in Zoology and Ecology from the University of Calgary
  • M.Sc. in Conservation Biology from the University of Cape Town
  • M.Sc. in Geospatial Technologies from the school of Environmental Sciences and Forestry, State University of New York

Worked twenty-three years as a contract road ecologist and geospatial scientist

  • Six years in Banff National Park on the Trans-Canada Highway Project
  • Analyst for Highway 93N crossings project in Montana
  • Analysed spatial-temporal hotspots for moose in Vermont
  • Studied herpetofauna and their movements in upstate New York
  • Developed several GIS mitigation hotspot model for herps in Ontario
  • Monitored several provincial and municipal road-wildlife mitigation projects for both large animals and reptiles

Well-connected and science-based background

  • Presented and published at nine biannual international road ecology conferences
  • Presented at three northeast transportation and wildlife conferences
  • Presented at three European international road ecology conferences
  • Keynote speaker at the Toronto Zoo, and B.C. Herps and Roads Workshop
  • Co-founder of the Ontario Road Ecology Group
  • Co-author on small animal and roads guidebook (2015)
  • Author for sixteen peer-reviewed published manuscripts
  • Active peer-reviewer for international science journals

Lauren Nightingale, Road Ecology Technician

Expertise Summary

Lauren grew up in Fergus Ontario and graduated from the University of Guelph with Bachelors of Science in Plant Science in 2016, and Animal Biology in 2021. Now living in Port Rowan the gateway to the Long Point Biosphere Reserve, she devotes her life to improving the well-being of all animals, both domestic and wild.  She has worked as a road ecology technician at Eco-Kare for almost two years, beginning as a volunteer for Eco-Kare’s Wildlife Road Watch program in 2022 where she was trained to record research-grade wildlife on road observations. From there, she quickly became the boots on the ground for all of Eco-Kare activities in the Long Point Walsingham Forest Priority Place (Norfolk County), from conducting road surveys to exclusion fence construction and repair, to data compilation, to coordinating the expanded team of Wildlife Road Watch volunteers in 2023. She received training under Scott Gillingwater at the London Watershed Conservation Centre for road-side turtle nest excavation, incubation, and hatchling care. 

Prior to her work with Eco-Kare, Lauren spent 6 years self-employed as an in-home pet sitter, dog walker, and trainer. She is an active member of the Long Point Lioness Lions Branch Club, volunteers for Purrfect Companions of Norfolk, and continues to provide pet care services to her community. At home she enjoys rehabilitating fearful foster cats so they can become adoptable family pets, and growing as many native plants on her property as possible. As a lover of all things alive, she strives to make the world a kinder place for all.


  • Bachelor of Science in Plant Science with emphasis on the Environment from the University of Guelph (2016)
  • Bachelor of Science in Animal Biology with emphasis on Behaviour and Nutrition from the University of Guelph (2021)
  • Training in turtle egg excavation and incubation and under Scott Gillingwater at the London Watershed Conservation Centre

Work with Eco-Kare International

  • Lead role in road-side wildlife exclusion fence installations, repairs and maintenance
  • Recording research-grade wildlife on road observations with GPS smart phone during road surveys
  • Handling of live reptiles and amphibians for detailed documentation, helping them cross roads safely
  • Compiling, manipulating, and summarizing wildlife on road data in extensive databases and reports
  • Turtle nest protection from predators, excavation from roadside nests, hatchling releases
  • Social media and outreach; information gathering, consultation with community science groups