Eco-Kare provides full service in three main areas

Specifically, measures that lessen impacts of roads on natural heritage, wildlife, hydrology and wildlife processes.

Eco-Kare is well-connected

Eco-Kare’s presentation to 200 engineers at the 2014 OGRA Bridge Exposition by principal Kari Gunson

Eco-Kare works with government agencies at all levels

  • Federal level, eg Parks Canada
  • Provincial level, eg Ontario Ministry of Transportation and Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry
  • Municipal level, eg Regional Municipality of Waterloo, City of Peterborough

Eco-Kare works with partners at all levels of conservation

  • Conservation Authorities, eg Ausable-Bayfield Conservation
  • Non-Government Agencies, eg Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society
  • Academic Institutions, eg Queen’s University

Eco-Kare works with corporations

  • Animex Fencing for supply, design and implementation of wildlife exclusion fencing
  • ACO Wildlife for supply, and implementation of wildlife crossing structures and fencing for smaller animals
  • Royal Fence for implementation of fencing solutions

Eco-Kare consults with companies and experts

  • Engineering and environmental consulting companies, eg Parsons, Morrison Hershfield and S Burnett & Associates for design and implementation of crossing structures
  • Herpetology experts such as Seburn Ecological Services, Dr Tom Langton and Dr Fred Schueler

Eco-Kare works in the United States, partnering with

Eco-Kare attends and presents at regular International Transportation Conferences

  • Click here to see upcoming agenda and presentation at 2017 ICOET conference

Eco-Kare is well-resourced

  • In-house library of over 2,880 articles, peer-reviewed papers and technical papers catalogued in a digital library
  • In-house Geographic Information System software and associated tools and extensions
  • In-house geospatial library of large-scale and site-specific layers for Ontario and other areas of North America
  • Proficient use of statistical software packages including writing scripts in R and R-Commander
  • Over 9,000 photos relevant to road ecology
  • In-house expertise equating to 24 years of experience in road ecology
  • Well-established contact list of hundreds of qualified and credible practitioners in academia, government, non-government and consulting that work in the field of road ecology.

Each of Eco-Kare’s services is adaptable and flexible to meet your jurisdictional needs.

Click here to see how Eco-Kare will prioritize where and what road mitigation should be implemented at both a regional and site-specific scale.

Click here to see how Eco-Kare will design and oversee installation of functioning and integrated mitigation systems (exclusionary fencing and crossing structure systems) for amphibians, reptiles and large animals.

Click here to see how Eco-Kare will design and provide wildlife monitoring services for amphibians, reptiles and large animals at wildlife crossing structures and other mitigation measures.