Wildlife on Roads: A Handbook

Wildlife on Roads handbook -- front and back covers

A must-have for students, professionals, road maintenance personnel, and citizen scientists interested in road ecology

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  • A literature review piece outlining the impacts of roads on amphibians, turtles, squamates, mammals and birds with tips for collecting on-road information
  • Followed by species essays of diagnostic features relevant to road-killed animals as well as information as to why specific species may be found alive or dead-on-roads
  • A concluding chapter on citizen science data collection and management, with details on collecting location and photo information for upload into on-line databases such as iNaturalist
  • 12 relevant case studies on on-road citizen science projects and mitigation solutions in Ontario
  • 140 photos relevant to key diagnostic features of species and/or to illustrate animals as observed on roads
  • 12  illustrations comparing and contrasting key diagnostic features by species and taxa by Aleta Karstad: an award-winning Canadian nature artist (see Robert Bateman Award here)
  • A customized data sheet with fields for citizen science on-road data collection along with link to an iNaturalist database for upload of observations in Ontario
  • Field and on-line resource section for each relevant taxa
  • 142 references sorted by each relevant taxa
  • 5 page glossary of terms relevant to wildlife on roads data collection
  • Index of species with provincial (Ontario) and federal (Canada) conservation status

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(Main Index)
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sample (frogs and toads)
(Frogs and Toads)
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(Turtle chapter)
sample (snakes)
(Squamates chapter)
sample (birds)
(Bird chapter)
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(Data Management Chapter)
sample (species index)
(Species Index)