Mitigation System 3 (Bruce Peninsula)

Eco-Kare worked with Nature Conservancy Canada and the MTO to install 400 m of exclusion fencing on Highway 6, targeting a section of highway where Massasauga rattlesnakes are killed. Eco-Kare sited the project, designed and installed the temporary trial fencing (slated to last 3 years), and is currently monitoring and maintaining the site for effectiveness. In addition, the drainage culvert has been monitored for turtle and snake passage in 2015 and 2016.

Installing a new fence design for snakes and turtles: Summer 2014 (credit: K Gunson)
Eco-Kare’s new fence design withstands a Canadian winter: April 2015 (credit: T Stinnissen)

Eco-Kare worked with Animex and the Bruce Peninsula National Park Agency staff (see Facebook post) to install 200 m of permanent exclusion fencing on Emmett Lake Road in November 2016, targeting amphibians, snakes and turtles. Eco-Kare provided specialized assistance with joining the fencing to the custom-made wildlife crossing structures. The project is ongoing.

Animex fencing installed in a forested roadside
Attaching Animex fence to wildlife crossing structure

Working with Parks Canada Staff

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